Answers about my spell services…

Voodoo eye Are your spells harmless for me or for the person upon whom you cast a spell? 
Voodoo StarAnswer: Absolutely Yes. I wouldn’t let anything risk my clients’ health and spiritual stability. Your safety is my main concern, whatever the spell is. The spell won’t harm and won’t backfire.

 Voodoo eye Can magic bring my lover back?
Voodoo Star Answer:
Yes. It is one of the spell I cast the most. Quality comes with experience and as I have a lot of practice with this spell, it is one of the spells I succeed the most. This spell will get your lover back.

Voodoo eye My case seems to be very difficult. Many spell casters failed in helping me. Can you still help me?
Voodoo StarAnswer: YES. Each time I receive an email, I study carefully and seriously the situation to evaluate the possibilities to solve the problem. I will tell you honestly how I can help you. Besides, my success  rate is very high – 100% – even for hard cases.

Voodoo eye Is it true that I can be anywhere on earth and the spell will still work?
Voodoo Star Answer: YES, that is true! Magic is a universal power and reaches out to anyone, anywhere at anytime!

Voodoo eye What is your success rate?
Voodoo Star Answer: 100%. It’s maybe hard to believe but the magic and powers I use stand out among the competition. My happy clients knew they did the right choice when they ordered my spells. Soon you will testify too that my spells are the best. The results I provide won’t disappoint you!

 Voodoo eye  What do you need to know when people contact you for the first time?
Voodoo Star Answer: I need your name, last name, date of birth, the country where you live and your detailed description of you case. It can be just a few lines for a first consultation, yet try to include the most important elements of your story.

Voodoo eye  Do you guarantee your work?
Voodoo Star  Answer:
Yes I do. I offer the same guarantee that any serious and professional spell caster provides: refund or recast for free. I recast your spell if it doesn’t work after a 14 days period. The refund takes place 21 days after that the spell has been cast. But with my spells it’s 100% guaranteed that your spell will be successful before that hopefully.

Voodoo eye Can you cast my spell immediately after I contact you? 
Voodoo Star Answer:  No. I receive many requests and give my priority to the persons who already bought a spell. But in some cases the most urgent gets cast first. If I see urgency in solving your case, I will cast within few hours. For fastest result I suggest as the more powerful custom spell.

Voodoo eye  Why so long to get a refund?
Voodoo Star  Answer:  Because sometimes it happens that a spell succeeds even after the time frame I consider as normal expires. It is rare but still happens sometimes.

Voodoo eye  I like my spell to last forever, is that possible?
Voodoo Star Answer: Yes, it is 100% possible for your spell to last forever. Ask for my more powerful spells. They will last forever.?

Voodoo eye How can I pay?
Voodoo StarAnswer: 
You can use either western union, moneygram, paypal or your credit card. I generally recommend western union or moneygram for quickness and security. But other payment means are accepted.

Voodoo eye Are these payment’s methods secure?
Voodoo Star  Answer: Yes. I am working as a real professional and I don’t want to be bothered with payment’s issues. My only concern is your spell and your happiness. Money shouldn’t be a problem and that’s why I work with these serious and trust-able companies.

Voodoo eye  Do I have to share any specific belief to make your spell successful? 
 Voodoo Star Answer:  No. I do my own work and I know what I’m doing. I won’t ask you to share my own beliefs as I respect every one’s philosophy or religion.

 Voodoo eye There are blogs or websites saying that some spell casters are fraud. How can I know for sure that you are real?
Voodoo Star  Answer: Generally, those sites that bad-mouth psychics and spell casters are put up by competitors. Don’t let them fool you! If you notice that a spell casting site points the finger at others for being scam, this site is most likely a scam itself. Murderers often call the police to report a crime because they think the police won’t suspect them. It’s exactly the same here: a con-artist website denounces scams to fool the customers around, to make them think the site is authentic.


Voodoo eye  I want to order a spell but I don’t want anyone to know anything about it.
Voodoo Star  Answer: Don’t worry, according to my privacy policy, all the messages you send me remain totally confidential.

Voodoo eye  Can you cast more than one spell at a time? My situation is special and I need more than one spell.
Voodoo Star  Answer:  Yes I can. I even recommend you to mention that as soon as possible. You might get an interesting discount for buying more than one spell. In some cases, I can even offer some spell for free.